Specialized Care

Specialized In Home Senior Care
Choosing the right care for your loved one can be difficult. 

Our client coordinators can help you determine the right type of care for those individuals with special conditions. You can request a caregiver with specialized training or experience based upon your unique needs.   

Specialized Home Care Services

Over night care for seniors in the home 24/7 in home health care

Overnight Care

We can always provide round-the-clock care for your loved one. Put your concerns to rest by having a caregiver available through the night to help your loved one if needed. Overnight care can be especially helpful for a loved one who needs assistance getting up in the middle of the night or for an individual at risk of falling.

What Is Overnight Senior Care?

Many older adults can benefit from caring, professional assistance all night long. Overnight caregivers arrive in the evening and remain until morning, staying in the home throughout the night. For example, caregivers can make evening snacks, provide liquids, prepare the bed, and help your loved one get ready for bed.

Our overnight care services in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area also include helping older adults use the restroom in the middle of the night, providing assistance moving around the home, homemaking, laundry and personal care services. In the morning, this type of care involves assisting with individual’s personal care needs, be it bathing, dressing, helping with oral care, or preparing a nutritious breakfast.

Why Is Overnight Care Important?

Warm, one-on-one care helps older adults feel more comfortable and safe in their own homes. Our caregivers show respect for your loved one while helping wherever needed. This has emotional benefits for older adults and family members as well. It’s easier for you to rest easy at night when you know that your loved one is being watched over and cared for.

Companionship can have an excellent effect on older adults being cared for at home. Our caregivers do more than stand by to assist with needs. They provide hands-on interaction with a smile which makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep in peaceful surroundings.

If older adults have dementia-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, overnight care is vital. Otherwise, older adults may lose their bearings inside the house, wander outside, or stumble. An experienced caregiver can keep your loved one safe and sound, help with mobility assistance, and provide reminders for medication and other needs.

In Home Nursing Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI for Private Register Nurse RN Services and Care

RN Services & Medication Management

Our Registered Nurses can help with a variety of in-home medical assistance such as evaluations and assessments, medication setup and reminders, blood pressure checks, blood sugar level monitoring, and checking vitals. Our RNs can help with the management of chronic illnesses or physical disorders and other conditions in the comfort of home.

What Are the Benefits of Registered Nursing Services in the Greater Grand
Rapids, Michigan area?

Our RN services and medication management combines the experienced medical care of an assisted-living facility with the freedom of home health services. In other words, loved ones can stay at home, surrounded by decades of happy memories, while still receiving professional medical care. This is essential for older adults who have chronic health conditions or require assistance with medication, and other types medical treatment. Above all, RN services are convenient, comfortable, and personalized, exactly what older adults prefer.

When Are RN Services & Medication Management Necessary?

If your loved one requires assistance with medical tasks such as blood sugar checks or medication reminders, RN services and medication management are a huge help. This is the case when older adults have trouble remembering to take medication or get confused by the different pills prescribed. Many medical professionals also recommend home RN visits following injuries or after surgery. Our registered nurses can evaluate your loved one’s recovery, keep an eye on their vitals, and be the contact person with the physician and family members if necessary.

Hospice Services for Seniors and Family Caregivers in Grand Rapids, MI

Hospice Services

Our caregivers can provide support during the final stages of life. Having extra help during this difficult time can allow you to spend quality family time and focus on being with your loved one during hospice care.
Skilled Services for Seniors In Home Care for Mobility Issues and safety

Skilled Services

Safety is our top priority – which is why we have caregivers on staff who are trained in special procedures for helping with range of motion, transfers from wheelchairs and/or beds, and assistance with mobility.

What Is Skilled Care?

This type of care refers to necessary services provided by specially trained professionals, such as:

  • Physical therapy for improvement of mobility, strength and range of motion
  • Occupational therapy for helping with mobility issues
  • Social services for assistance finding the necessary community and government programs 
  • Counseling for dealing with concerns like depression, anxiety and loneliness
  • Movement assistance around the home

What Are the Advantages of Skilled Services?

Our skilled home care services enable your loved one to receive crucial assistance at home while relieving some of the burdens on family caregivers. This benefit helps elders stay independent and prevents potential falls and other accidents. Our care providers help our patients learn how to navigate daily activities with mobility issues safely.

Studies show that people improve more rapidly when they receive care in their homes. The familiar environment makes treatments and therapy less stressful for patients. When family members need specialized skilled care to regain their physical health, consider our caring and compassionate home health care.

Whether your family needs short-term care to get someone back on their feet or long-term care to address a chronic illness, our trained caregivers can improve the patient’s quality of life by helping with mobility issues and daily tasks.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Elders’ Helpers offers an affordable suite of home safety products, along with our service, to provide the safety and security needed for your loved one whether at home, running errands, or traveling long distance.

Just Need a Hand around the House?

Sometimes all you need is a little extra help around the home with the daily tasks of living on your own. Our caregivers can help with homemaking, personal care, and even transportation.  

Our Case Process

Our team works closely with you and your family to determine the best, personalized care plan we can offer.

In Home Health Care Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI

Initial Consultation

First, our client coordinators work with you and/or your loved one to understand your unique needs and preferences. We can conduct interviews over the phone or in person – just let us know your preference.
In Home Health Care Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI


After carefully evaluating your needs, we quickly find the best team members (caregiver and/or RN) to match your care plan. With over 200 caregivers, we\’re confident we have an admirable caregiver to meet your needs, no matter how unique.
In Home Health Care Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI

Caregiver Orientation

Our client coordinators then work closely with the assigned caregiver to review your personalized care plan. Together, your client coordinator and caregiver strive to meet and exceed all of your home care needs.