Companion Button

There are times where we all want a little extra assurance and peace of mind.

Whether you are going out for the night with a group of friends, taking a long walk, slip or fall, or traveling just a few hours away from home, with just a simple push of a button, you can notify your family, friends or emergency monitors that you need assistance.

Companion Button

NEW – Only $29.95 per month

The Companion Button is a simple button that with one push will send a message to your contacts or first responders via your cell phone. You can wear the Companion Button as a pendant, put it in your pocket, or attach it to your keyring. This is especially convenient when you need help fast and your cell phone is out of reach.

Companion Button
  • Get help fast! Click your Companion Button when your cell phone is locked or out of reach
  • Instantly notify your contacts and first responders of your location if you need help
  • Works with the Safety App on your smartphone wirelessly
  • Works with iPhone 4s or Android 4.3 and newer models
  • Exclusive Follow-Me-Mode – You are not in an emergency but will be out for a period of time and you want your contacts to monitor your whereabouts

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