Personalized Emergency Response Systems

Wireless Safety Panic Button

Cellular and Nationwide Coverage – $39.95 per month

Today’s seniors are more independent and mobile than ever, and that means that emergencies – whether heart attacks, strokes, or slip-and-fall accidents – can occur far from home. In an emergency, every second counts.

If you are in trouble, whether at home or hundreds of miles away, and you are too disoriented, immobilized, or distraught to dial a phone number, just push a single wireless panic button and help is on the way.

Wireless In home personal medical emergency response system for seniors and elderly
Medication Reminder Alert Machine for Seniors in Home Elderly Care

Automated Pill Dispenser and Medication Reminder

Rates Vary – Available for Purchase

Some of the most worrisome problems for seniors at home revolve around timely, accurate medication compliance. What creates this problem? Fifty percent of people polled said they don’t always remember to take prescribed medications.

Elders’ Helpers MedReady Boxes are easy to use. Our technician comes to your home and activates the MedReady box. They sit down with you, review how the dispenser works, and stay while you participate in hands-on trial testings. After that, it’s easy – the box does all the work! Our nurses are available for MedReady setups.

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Our SafetyNet products, along with our services, are proven to provide the safety and security needed whether you’re at home, running errands, picking up medication at the pharmacy or traveling long distance – for an affordable monthly cost.

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