Respite and In-Home Senior Care

A professional from Elders Helpers holds the hands of an elderly client in respite care

Respite care is an essential service that offers temporary relief for primary caregivers when necessary. The compassionate team at Elders’ Helpers provides the support you need when you are going out of town, need a break, or require a helping hand after a surgery or other event.

Respite Care

Taking care of your loved one can feel overwhelming and exhausting at times. To provide your family member with continued loving support, you need to take care of yourself, too. Senior care from Elders’ Helpers in Grand Rapids and Holland, MI, provides respite services while you are away on vacation, or need a much-needed break from caring for your loved one, or any other obligation you might have.

Our short-term skilled caregivers offer in-home support for you and your loved one. We take over caregiving responsibilities to provide relief when you need it. Your family member will stay at home, in familiar surroundings, making the temporary transition easier on everyone.

Respite Care Services

We customize care and health services to fit the needs of your loved one. You meet with our care team for an initial consultation, and together, we determine the types of caregiving assistance needed while you are away. We aim to ensure you and your family feel entirely supported throughout the process.
We match you with members of our highly trained team to find the best fit for your family. Our professional, caring services include:

  • Homemaking
  • Companionship
  • Personal care
  • Medication management
  • Skilled medical services
  • Mobility assistance
  • Overnight care
  • Transportation

In-Home Senior Care

We offer respite services in your home to ensure your family members feel comfortable. Respite care is temporary, but we can work with you to provide long-term assistance if you desire additional help.

Whether you are taking a business trip, have a family vacation planned, or need a few days to rest, recharge, and recover mentally and physically, our caring team is here to support you. If your senior family member recently had surgery, you may require additional assistance during the recovery process. Our team helps your loved one recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

The Best Senior Care

You work round-the-clock to take care of your loved one’s needs while maintaining the obligations and tasks of your job or family, too. School or extracurricular activities for your children, work commitments, or unexpected events can interfere with your ability to care for your senior family member at all times. No matter the reason, respite care from Elders’ Helpers provides the necessary aid for essential tasks, minimizes stress for your loved one, and gives you peace of mind when you can’t be there.

Contact us to start planning your care services with a professional caregiver. You can access our short-term respite assistance options in Holland or Grand Rapids from time to time as needed. Our kind, dedicated staff has extensive experience and training to give your family the best possible care and give you the gift of time.

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