In Home Senior Services

In Home Senior Services
Elders’ Helpers provides a vast array of home care services for our clients.

We work closely with our clients and their families to determine which home health care or homemaking services are needed. We then collectively devise a person-centered plan to provide the highest quality of care so that our clients can continue to thrive in the comfort of their home. 

In-Home Senior Care Services

Homemaking & Companionship

Our caregivers can help your loved one with many of the burdens of living at home such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and grocery shopping, laundry and bed linen changes, errand running, and other miscellaneous house chores. At its heart, senior homemaking and companionship care services are about helping your loved one stay comfortable at home. Whether your loved one could use assistance with daily homemaking tasks or just a friend to live life with, Elders’ Helpers in Grand Rapids, MI, can help. Here are a few examples of tasks we can help your loved one handle in their own home: • Cleaning and organizing • Laundry • Organization • Transportation • Playing games • Company during a walk Discuss our homemaking and companionship offerings with one of our caregivers today to see how we can assist your loved one. Our caregivers are equipped to help your loved one with a range of household needs, from occasional house cleaning to complete homemaking support and companionship.
Personal Care Support for In Home Care Services for Seniors

Personal Care

Our caregivers can help keep your loved one safe in the privacy of their own home by providing support with personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, and personal hygiene. These tasks are typical of a more private nature, so it’s important to work with experienced caregivers for these senior personal care services. Help your loved one conduct these personal hygiene habits and healthcare tasks with dignity and privacy. Our caregivers are trained in the following personal care areas: • Bathing • Dressing • Mobility support • Chronic condition management Benefits of Personal Care Assistance These tasks are often the most difficult for loved ones to handle in their own home. Instead of relocating to a nursing home, your loved one may wish to remain home and enjoy the familiar, comfortable surroundings. Our personal care support in Grand Rapids provides this freedom for many individuals. From mobility assistance to dressing, grooming, and bathing, turn to our team at Elders’ Helpers today. Start a conversation about our personal care services to see how we can help your loved one handle personal care at home.
Caregiver respite care and support for in home health care for seniors

Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one can be fulfilling but stressful at the same time. Our caregivers can help give you the support you need to take care of your loved one by providing respite care when you need a break. Respite care is about giving you and your loved ones a respite from a difficult situation. At Elders’ Helpers, we offer short-term caregiving services in Grand Rapids, MI. These services care for the needs of your loved one and also help you avoid mental and physical exhaustion due to constant caregiving. Discuss the length of services needed to help relieve you of caregiving tasks. Our respite care visits are tailored to your needs so that we can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly visits to take on any number of care services. Work with a respite care team in your local area for convenient, friendly services for your loved one. After an initial consultation and assessment, our caregiver orientation allows your loved one to get to know a caregiver from Elders’ Helpers. An important factor in respite care is that you and your loved one are fully comfortable with the support offered. Rest easy knowing your loved one is receiving quality care and companionship while you take a break. Respite Care Services Our highly trained staff performs our respite care services to give you peace of mind. Respite care professionals from Elders’ Helpers are equipped with the skilled services your loved one needs. Ask about wheelchair assistance or other mobility needs. Don’t work with an in-home care assistant who isn’t capable of handling the situation safely and effectively, but set up a consultation with Elders’ Helpers. These services are designed to be short-term in nature, but we can work with you and your loved one to provide long-term assistance in these areas. Choose Elders’ Helpers to receive the additional support you need as you care for your loved one. We personalize all of our services and include additional levels of care as necessary. If you wish to shorten or lengthen the amount of assistance we offer, discuss your care goals with our team.

Looking for More Specialized Care?

Aside from homemaking and companionship care, we have skilled caregivers who can meet your special-care needs.

Our Case Process

Our team works closely with you and your family to determine the best, personalized care plan we can offer.

In Home Health Care Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI

Initial Consultation

First, our client coordinators work with you and/or your loved one to understand your unique needs and preferences. We can conduct interviews over the phone or in person – just let us know your preference.
In Home Health Care Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI


After carefully evaluating your needs, we quickly find the best team members (caregiver and/or RN) to match your care plan. With over 200 caregivers, we\’re confident we have an admirable caregiver to meet your needs, no matter how unique.
In Home Health Care Services for Seniors in Grand Rapids, MI

Caregiver Orientation

Our client coordinators then work closely with the assigned caregiver to review your personalized care plan. Together, your client coordinator and caregiver strive to meet and exceed all of your in-home care needs.